Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen Design
Installing New or Replacing Old
Bailey’s AC & Commercial Kitchen Appliance Repair can help you with the layout of a new or remodeled kitchen. We would be happy to undertake the project completely or as a consultant. We can lay-out the gas lines, exhaust hoods, and the placement of equipment. We can make suggestions on brands and types of appliances to compliment your style of cooking and method of food delivery.
It's About The Workflow
No matter how much space you have, it never seems to be enough, and proper grouping Kitchen Design is vital for a smooth work flow, from storage to prep, to the main cook line, and on to the dish machine. Having that flow in your kitchen will help increase the quality of your food and speed up your food delivery, making your customers happier and allowing you to turn over the seats more often, making you more money. It can also help cut down on man hours, saving you even more.This especially applies to larger operations that have more than one kitchen or maybe a desert kitchen, or a remote kitchen serving another location.
The layout and setup of your new commercial kitchen is paramount.
Let Bailey’s do it right!
Have a kitchen design project?
Give us a call and we will start by taking the dimensions, the style of food served along with the style in which you serve the food, a list of any project pre-requisite equipment and note points of supply for the gas and electric. We will research equipment that is of the utmost quality, is efficient, cost effective, and matches the dimensions of your new kitchen.
With this information, we can draw a rough draft. This first draft is for your inspection.
We make note on your input and adjust the draft as necessary. 
A second and more detailed draft follows. We amend as many drafts as it takes to arrive at a final draft.

With your approval of the final draft we move into the purchasing and application stages.
Commercial Kitchen Design, Call Us now!